Scope of Activities

  • Coordinate, cooperate and seek support of the Government, MoCA, DGCA and other Ministries / Organizations for the benefit of the general and  business aviation industry.
  • Interact with global organizations like ICAO and IBAC for developing better understanding of the efforts required for safe, secure and efficient growth of general and business aviation.
  • Evaluate policies & regulations – specific to needs of general and business aviation and as per the global norms.
  • Bring change in the mindset of the government officials to get general and  business aviation its rightful place and recognition by projecting the industry as a real enabler of economic growth.
  • Create environment for sustainable growth - that creates profits both tangible & intangible whilst contributing to national GDP.
  • Determine Best Practices
    1. Collect, collate, analyze and circulate data relevant for safety, operations, maintenance and economy of operations
    2. Synergize resources and encourage the use of latest technology and tools in the industry
    3. Set standards and benchmarks in training for Air Crew, Operations, Maintenance Engineers and other support staff