Skill development as part of ‘Make in India’ initiative
Recommendation: MoCA has already drawn up plans to set up a National Aviation University (NAU) to develop the necessary skills.  BAOA too will soon embark upon its ambitious plan to start its own training academy to meet the long felt requirements of the BA industry. There is a need to synergize its efforts with the government’s plans on the NAU.

Separate regulations – Fixed/rotary wing, BA sub-sectors
Recommendation: It is high time the DGCA comes out with  specific and proportionate regulations governing BA operations and develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for helicopter operations covering all roles that these helicopters are capable to perform
A dedicated BA cum rotary wing division must be set up and cover all departments of DGCA, directly under a JDG level officer.
Separate regulations for BA including helicopter operations is the need of the hour as this will greatly improve the operating environment for all sectors.

Separate routes/air corridors for helicopters
Recommendation: DGCA should permit the use of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) for helicopter operations. PBN helps aircraft fly closer together with the aid of creative 3D takeoff and landing approaches. This will greatly help in decongesting our clogged airspace by supporting smaller separation intervals between aircraft.
In collaboration with the AAI, the DGCA should establish separate routes and air corridors for helicopters at all major airports.

Rationalisation of airport charges
Recommendation: AERA must clearly demarcate between aeronautical/non-aeronautical services at an airport and ensure that the user charges being levied by our airports for providing services to BA are appropriate, fair and consistent with the quality of services rendered.

Exploit BA aircraft, especially helicopters for nation building
Recommendation: BA aircraft, especially helicopters, must be exploited to boost sub-sectors, such as medevac & disaster relief (covered in, tourism, pilgrimage, surveys, oil exploration, power line transmission, agriculture, internal security, policing, helicranes and heli-sports. The government needs to build infrastructure and implement polices to support such operations.

Permanent helipads in all districts to support Disaster Relief and Regional Air Connectivity.
Recommendation: All state governments should be encouraged and mandated to construct permanent  helipads in each district with the necessary support infrastructure.