BizAVIndia Safety Workshop

The General & Business Aviation industry has had a momentous transformation over the past decade in India, and now is at the cusp of maturation. Business Aircraft Operators Association has achieved significant traction since its inception in bringing about an environmental change, which resonates from an attitudinal shift amongst the regulator, authorities and other stakeholders towards the industry. This, however; remains a long term process involving a consistent effort through all spheres and avenues, requiring unvarying activism, flow of information and knowledge.

With these compelling thoughts in the backdrop, we have conceived a 'Mnemonic' that will address the General & Business Aviation industry in India in entirety and in a truly distinguished light. BizAvIndia is this mnemonic and will have a 360 degree campaign developed around it. It will have components like intellectual seminars, industry newsletters and engagements through new media in order to bring consolidation and greater synergies within the industry.

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