What is the process for implementation of SMS?

SMS Implementation in an organization is a phase wise process consisting of four phases as follows:-.

  • Phase 1: Blueprint of SMS integration into the organization and its framework.
  • Phase II : Commencement of Reactive Safety Risk Management consisting of Training, Documentation, Hazard Identification and Risk Management.
  • Phase III : Hazard identification and safety risk management using proactive and predictive processes.
  • Phase IV : Operational safety assurance should put into practice consisting of :
    1. Development of and agreement on safety performance indicators and safety performance targets;
    2. SMS continuous improvement;
    3. Training relevant to operational safety assurance;
    4. Documentation relevant to operational safety assurance; and
    5. Develop and maintain formal means for safety communication.

Details of the Implementation Process are given in CAR SECTION 1 – GENERAL SERIES 'C' PART I