Aircraft safety does not end when the engines are shut down and the aircraft is chocked- ISBAH

The International Standard for Business Aviation Handling (IS-BAH™) – “Aircraft safety does not end when the engines are shut down and the aircraft is chocked”.
The International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH™) is designed to promote use of industry best practices blended through a progressive Safety Management System (SMS) for Fixed Based Operations (FBO) and Business Aircraft Handling Agencies (BAHA). As the IS-BAH™ enters its third year, it continues gain traction amongst the business aviation sector and further evolve the sound, appropriate and effective standards and recommended practices (SARPs).
For “Service Providers” (aircraft operators and aerodromes), ICAO Annex 19 Safety Management System (SMS) points to an “effective” SMS which should factor in the risks associated with having other entities perform tasks and services that may impact the service provider's performance. The IS-BAH™, designed specifically for business aviation, as The global industry code of standards and recommended practices (SARPs) can assist handlers and aircraft operators around the world meet current and proposed changes to SMS requirements with regard to the safety oversight of ground handling service providers.
IS-BAH™ features, at its core, a safety management system (SMS). The SMS component allows an IS-BAH™ registered FBO/BAHA to gain recognition, for having in place a well-founded safety management development process. Recognition for implementation of and conformance to the standards is available via an independent third party auditing process that may result in an IBAC certificate of registration.
Almost any organization involved in delivering or procuring services will see value from The IS-BAH™ standards designed to help quality processes, policies and procedures and to help reduce risks to customers and clients.
The IS-BAH™ aims to offer the following benefits:
Safer ground operations, fewer accidents and injuries;
Strengthens organizational culture;
Demonstrates organizational due-diligence;
Promotion of ‘Safest Optimum Practice’ ground handling procedures and
an enhanced understanding of high risk areas within scope of ground activities;
Reduced injury and ground damage costs;
Elimination of redundant audits from operators – one IS-BAH™ audit in place of many operator audits;
Uniform audit process and harmonised industry standards:
Influence in standard-setting process helps to reduce disadvantages from regulations;
Testimonials from those who have chosen to adopt and implement the IS-BAH™ through to registration have made the following comments:
"Conforming to IS-BAH™ high standards of excellence will greatly enhance our continuing efforts to mitigate risk while providing the safest possible operating environment for both our customers and our employees," says Levi Stockton, president of Advanced Air LLC and Jet Center Los Angeles.
Dominique Thillaud, Chairman of the Management Board of Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur and of Sky Valet, comments: "Obtaining IS-BAH certification fits perfectly in the development logic of the Sky Valet network, promoting continuous improvement of high range services. This approach allows us to enhance our ground handling business, develop our safety culture and ensure the highest level of service".
"IS-BAH is the logical extension of the safety envelope, and it sets an international standard for operations in business and general aviation aircraft ground handling. This voluntary accreditation clearly demonstrates that we deliver the best and safest services in the industry." American Aero General Manager Riggs Brown.
Roger Walker, Director Airport Operations at TAG Farnborough Airport said: “We are pleased to work with IBAC and to have achieved IS-BAH accreditation. This voluntary certification demonstrates our commitment to upholding the highest safety standards and maintaining our position as Europe’s leading business aviation airport.”
Basil Gamper, ExecuJet's Zurich FBO manager, says: “We are delighted our Zurich FBO has passed the IS-BAH audit, which not only shows the quality of our support services but also our commitment to using the most comprehensive assessments available across the board. This market-leading and standardised measure for handlers, FBOs and operators worldwide is a programme we strongly believe in and one we will be implementing in all our FBOs.”
Penny Stephens, Director of Inflite Jet Centre – London Stansted commented “As a family-run team, we are exceptionally proud to have this recognition. The IS-BAH is a reflection of the standards that Inflite has always lived by, and we’re delighted to be the first UK FBO to set the international benchmark.”
“IS-BAH is an important international endorsement for OxfordJet and our ground handling team,” London Oxford Airport Managing Director Andi Alexander says. “We are pleased to have achieved this recognition.”
“A serious emphasis on safety and operational excellence is essential to running a world-class FBO and being successful in our industry,” said Harrods Aviation’s Managing Director, Paul Norton. “We fully support the network’s goal to have all member FBOs meet IS-BAH™ requirements. Harrods Aviation is glad that we were able to lead the way and look forward to sharing our knowledge with the rest of the network.”
How to Get Started with IS-BAH™
1. Send a representative from your organization to an IBAC approved “Fundamentals of IS-BAH™” workshop; listed on the IBAC website.
2. Purchase the IS-BAH™ Manual, which contains the standards (13 Chapters) and the IS-BAH™ Implementation Guide from an IBAC regional or national affiliate.
3. Conduct a gap analysis between your organization’s standards and procedures and those of the IS-BAH™ program.
4. Develop procedures to identify hazards and eliminate the quantified risk or reduce it to acceptable levels using a broad range of guidance material provided with the standard.
5. Integrate procedures into department systems, programs operating procedures and manuals, again using materials provided.
6. Complete an IS-BAH™ audit by selecting an accredited IS-BAH™ auditor from the IBAC website.
The programme continues to develop a series of workshop events to assist IS-BAH™ implementation efforts along with providing a practical approach to managing an SMS based on ICAO principles. Separate workshops also provide an ongoing education programme for IS-BAH™ Auditors to conduct third party IS-BAH™ Registration Audits and Internal Auditors to conduct Internal Evaluations, and provide essential training for anyone interested in validating SMS performance.
Further information can be found at: or
Please support those organizations who have already committed to IS-BAH™ registration. Keep the safety message alive, encourage those who have not yet considered it to implement and seek registration to the IS-BAH™ tell your people tell your customers, tell your suppliers, tell everyone!