Committee/Working Group

Committee Headed by Work in Progress
Safety Program Gp. Capt. Pankaj Chopra,
EIH Aviation
This committee has been very active.  The idea is to launch a BAOA safety program which centers on safety information, education and awareness in the first phase. The Safety Committee's work is closely tied in with our new website which will act as a repository of safety information and resources to our members.
Sector Roadmap Rohit Kapur,
Arrow Aircraft & Charters
Martin Consultancy, appointed by BAOA, has submitted a draft report based on their interactions with members. BAOA's committee have examined the draft and are re-working towards the final report.
Regulatory & MoCA Affairs Bhupesh Joshi,
Club One Air (MoCA)
Capt. Nitin Anand,
DLF Aviation (Regulatory)
Members of this committee are actively meeting from time to time, depending on the issues at hand, and their work is covered in separate sections in this update.

New Committees and working groups in process

Technical Committee Committee to work on specific rules/regulations concerning technical issues and difficulties, faced by AMEs/Technicians during day to day aircraft maintenance. Members have been informed to forward names of technical experts to work with BAOA's Executive Council.
Associate Members' Committee Committee to look into specific issues faced by our Associate Members. Associate Members of BAOA have been asked to nominate names of representatives to be part of this committee.