Committee/Working Group

Committee Headed by
SMS & Safety Workshop Gp. Capt. Pankaj Chopra (EIH Aviation)– Lead Member,
Wing. Cdr. Julian D’Souza (Jupiter Capital),
Jayant Nadkarni (Invision Air)
Helicopter – Regs/ Ops/ Trg Harsh Vardhan Sharma (Himalaya Heli) – Lead Member,
Cdr Pankaj Joshi (Bajaj Auto),
Capt Sudeep Singh (IFSAL),
Capt Sanjay Panwar (GVHL),
Suraj Pandey (OSS)
Fixed Wing – Regs/ Ops/ Trg Col. Sanjay Julka (IFSAL) – Lead Member,
Capt. R Swarup, (Birla),
Capt. Kunal Kapoor (Taj Air),
Nitin Khanna (Orbit),
Taxation, Airport Charges and AERA Issues Pradeep Agarwal (Indo Pacific) – Lead Member,
Sudhir Nayak (Reliance Commercial Dealers),
Review of Bye Laws AVM SS Chauhan ( Orbit Aviation) – Lead Member,
Pradeep Agarwal (Indo Pacific),
Sudhir Nayak (Reliance),
Airport Relationships (Slots/ closures/Parking issues/ Non AERA related charges) Gp. Capt. Rajesh K. Bali (MD, BAOA) – Lead Member,
Kanika Tekriwal (GMR Aviation),
Gp. Capt. Pankaj Chopra (EIH),
Julian D Souza (Jupiter),
Sanjeev Sethi (Raymonds),
Social Media / Website Kanika Tekriwal (GMR Aviation) – Lead Member,
Support Services Anurag Srivastava (Bird Executive) – Lead Member,
Vinay Garg (UAS),
Mandeep Sandhu (Nexus,)
Innovation and New Ideas Rohit Kapur (Arrow) – Lead Member,
Kanika Tekriwal (Jet Set Go),
Sudhir Nayak (Reliance),
Pankaj Chopra (EIH),