1130 – 1315 hrs
Registrations and Lunch
1330 – 1350 hrs
Keynote address
Inaugural Address
1350 – 1400 hrs
Unveiling of report on Business and General Aviation
1400 – 1500 hrs
Panel Discussion I: Boosting Economic Growth with Business and General Aviation

Business Aviation has clear and demonstrable benefits for the Indian economy, for business efficiency and for connectivity across the Country, as well as for individual citizens, whether or not they use Business Aviation themselves. The first session of the BizAVIndia Conference will deliberate on these aspects, which are often little understood, while exploring ideas to further enhance the sector’s contribution to the Indian economy

Networking Break
1515 – 1600 hrs
Panel Discussion II: Maximising socio-economic footprint through better accessibility and connectivity

Small aircraft and helicopter industry significantly contributes towards social development of regions around the world. India is poised to take advantage of these benefits of business and general aircraft operations in tourism, pilgrimage, medical evacuation, disaster management survey and exploration amongst others

Networking Break
1615 – 1700 hrs
Panel Discussion III: Unshackling Business Aviation’s growth through requisite Infrastructure

Business Aviation in Indian is marred by the enormous challenge of adequate infrastructure, airport capacity and access to accommodate the potential growth in the sector. The session, therefore, seeks to discuss ideas and solutions to leverage potential growth by providing adequate infrastructure for business aviation

Open House